Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Demonic" Dusty!

Well, I returned from "Dusty-sitting" Sunday! It was a very "rough go" after last Friday evening. Poor little Dusty has recently developed an allergy to fleas! He is getting along in years and these types of things tend to occur in doggies as they age.
He was very grumpy! I too, would be grumpy if I were constantly itchy and being bitten by fleas! He was in so much discomfort that the first night I was there, I got up and bathed him at 1am to relieve his itching & help him sleep!
Every evening, prior to my going to bed for the night, I would insist he went outside & "potty". With each evening he grew increasingly reluctant to go out! Well, Friday evening, he decided he'd had enough of me! He got quite violent, even lunging towards me! Then, I began thinking that maybe he was "The Doggie GodFather"! LOL! After my climbing into bed, closing my eyes & relazing, I hear this light growl...
he was standing by the head of the bed, right in front of me growling!
He let me know that he was mad at me & wouldn't soon be forgetting this! I guess I should be glad that I made it home with all of my appendages intact!
I called his mommy yesterday to check on him & she says he is quite happy and relaxed now! I am very glad to hear that and I don't fault him for his behavior! Usually we have a "love-fest" when I babysit him. And I hate to be bothered when I'm sick, so I understand that he just wanted to be left alone! I love him dearly & he will always be "my little boy"!
The accompanying video is a mild one, He sometimes acts this way when he just wants to sleep, but I want him to go outside before I go up to bed!


  1. Poor little buddy! You said he is older. Does he have arthritis? We had a sheepdog that got like that (the growly, nasty thing) when she was in pain. Never had a problem with fleas, thank goodness. The 2 dogs we have now get walked every night before bed. That way they aren't up at 4:00 a.m. wanting to go out!

  2. That video was rather "tame"! He TOTALLY lost his mind Friday night! I showed his mommy & daddy the video (the BAD one) and they couldn't believe how nasty he was! They said they had never seen him that nasty! But, as I told them, he was on Steroids, before I got there, thru now, still! Steroids can have an effect on your moods & intensity of them! Again, I don't blame my sweet little boy! He is VERY old, but dosn't have arthritis! Thanks for the comments, Teresa! Aprilee


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