Thursday, September 10, 2009

OnlineShoppingMall's Fuzzb MarketPlace!

   I am SO excited about the latest development at OnlineShoppingMall ! As many of you know, I am one of the Administrators at The Mall!  I LOVE being there, you couldn't hope for a nicer group of folks!  I will be waiting to impliment my International Shipping at my etsy (and Fuzzb) shops untill October, as I will be doing a major overhaul of my regular shiipping fees, and limiting my online venues (shops)!  I can now be found on Etsy and Fuzzb.  As I impliment my changes, I will only be found on those two sites/venues.

     I have already begun setting up my shop at Fuzzb!  My new shop can be found here: "Aprilee's Artistic Expressions"
My new (Fuzzb) shop dosen't include the word "jewelry", as I will be offering all sorts of handcrafted goodies in this particular shop!  Many items simply will not be listed in my etsy shops, and will be exclusive to my Fuzzb shop!  I intend (as a part of my shops makeovers/revamping) to offer all items as FREE SHIPPING on a permanent basis, when shipping within the Continental USA & Canada!

       Again, I will be leaving for vacation in a frew days however, I will be returing with a vengance!   I look forawrd to seeing you all upon my return on Sept. 21st!             

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  1. Eeee baby boa! So cute!

    The new FuzzB shop looks great, hun. Hope you kick butt over there -- I can't wait to see your other new items!

    And have a great vacation. Be sure to relax instead of trying to 'sneak in' work -- I know I have a hard time taking time off.


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