Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"4. When people start doing their art, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them, how has your work changed since you began? I believe I really 'matured' from my humble beginnings of making simple bracelets and earrings. I felt as though I had so much creativity wanting to come out that just stringing pretty beads wasn't enough for me (Mind you I've seen some gorgeous pieces that involved 'just stringing beads', but it just wasn't in my creative brain to design beyond one strand of beads in a sequence). I started going into wire wrapping (I can do some rings now, but for the life of me can't seem to wrap up a stone to be a pendant), studied up on different crystals and stones and discovered the wonderful world of using other metals besides silver (copper is my favorite). I like using dark earthy tones in my creations, I tried using more bright colours, but it just doesn't 'speak' to me as the earthy ones does, chalk it up for being a Virgo I suppose. Then again, I am a little colour blind on certain colour shades (some greens look blue, purple looks red....) so I stick to the colours I can see. Others have told me they like my style. I never really thought my creations had a classified style, just something I felt at the time I created it. Right now I'm doing chainmaille and am learning all the different weaves, coiling the wire and cutting them myself. I feel this might be my niche as I always loved metal jewelry (that Virgo in me again). However I'm sticking to copper, silver and some earthy colours (gunmetal, browns) and to give it some pizzazz, reds and blues. I'm also incorporating my earthy stones into the chainmaille now. However, I've been known to flitter, so I'm sure there's another technique out there waiting for me to discover and fall in love with."

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