Tuesday, April 27, 2010

NEW! Gift Certificates At ArtistryJewelry!

If you want to give your mother a gift that you KNOW she'll LOVE, I've got just the thing! I have just added gift certificates to MY ETSY SHOP !
I have a gift certificate for anyone's needs. The values range from just $10.00 up to $50.00. And, you can combine them when purchasing my jewelry and accessories! These gift certificates are in compliance with Maryland State Laws. Here is some information about my gift certificates:

I am offering the option of gift certificates, in an effort to make gift giving easier for shoppers! My gift certificate program is in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, in which I reside.


* no expiration dates

* no fees or penalties regarding use

* No charge for shipping within the Continental USA & Canada! Everyplace else, shipping fees as stated.

* In the event my shop should close, the buyer of any unused certificates will receive a full refund of any unused/portion of unused, certificates purchased.

Upon purchase, the buyer (of the gift certificate) will receive:

**email confirmation, to include your own unique, individual, code (required to utilize certificate).

**An actual gift certificate which includes your unique, individual, code. Stated on the certificate.

##EXTRA SERVICE (No addl charge): You may convo me at any time to request your coupon code if you've forgotten it!##
I will provide the extra code reminder service only through ETSY COVO,
NOT via email in an attempt to protect your privacy. Thank-you! Aprilee
Upon ordering gift certificates, I will email you a gift certificate code and send a copy of the denomination of the certificate you've purchased as a card, with the gift code specified inside the card. When using a gift certificate as payment, simply choose "Other" as your method of payment and enter the certificate code (provided inside the card and in your email, in the "notes to seller" box. If there is a remaining credit balance on the value of the coupon, a new coupon for that amount will be issued, along with a receipt/invoice. Please see the item description(s) listed with the gift certificates for more information on my gift certificate program! These gift certificates will remain available and constant.

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