Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm Back!


I have been offline (seemingly forever)! I changed IP providers, only to find that the new provider's internet was down more than it was online! I went back to Verizon, but my moves resulted in my not having internet service for about half a month or longer!
While I was unable to access the internet, I focused on creating new items! I will begin listing them tomorrow (Monday 02/22/2010). We had three blizzards (basically) in a row, here in Maryland and I took alot of pics and videos! I'll share one with you now, but I have so many to edit & post!

I enjoy hand sewing, I find it very relaxing. I will say no more, other than alot of hand sewing went into the creation of a new line I will be launching on March
1st! I've named this new line of items my "Spring Romance Collection". I hope everyone enjoys my new line of items and are excited as I am about them! Aprilee


  1. Hey, it's great to have you back my friend! I'm excited to see the new line. Will it be in your Artistry shop?

  2. Hi Aprilee. You've been such a great friend since the beginning of my jewelry career. I would like to award you the Sunshine Blog Award for your blog.... To get the award on your blog, please read my post for instructions at



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