Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's featured artist is Dale McLain! She is a graphic artist with a shop on etsy and a website filled with beautifully done graphics products of all kinds!

I would encourage you to visit both sites! Dale is the graphic artist I employed to make all of my matching banners and avatar for both my business & my three shops, as well as my new blog banner! Here's Dale!

I have had 485 sales on Etsy... most of them since last October when I began selling digital graphics. I think people are attracted to my graphics because they are detailed and created with pretty images and harmonious colors. A banner usually takes me about an hour to make. I take great care with selecting and laying out the elements I use. Of course, custom work takes considerably longer. I work diligently to incorporate the desires of my clients into their designs. All of my work is one of a kind.
I am self-trained in graphic design. It is a delightful medium that feels like magic. It is so fun and the possibilities are endless. I am constantly learning new techniques.
I have always been an artist and have worked in many mediums... painting, collage, altered art, assemblage, jewelry making, etc. The coolest thing about digital work is that everything I need is right in my laptop. There is no clean up! When I'm done I shut my laptop!


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