Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oxidize (Antique) Your Own Components For Less Than $1.00!

NO! It's not Monday, but a landslide of unfortunate events has hampered my posting! It's a great day today, So....I (being in a GREAT mood) realized that there is a fanatabulous (i'll make-up any words I wanna!) trick/tip that I can share with other jewelry artists! This WILL save you bundles of cash, AND it's much easier, actually less messy, and far less a negative experience!

As you know, I have recently opened-up a new etsy shop (Victorian Fantasy), featuring Victorian Style creations (among other things)! Nothing says "Victorian/Vintage" more than "Antiqued" or "Oxidized" metal components!
I'm sure you've all seen "Liver of Sulpher" available at most jewelry supply shops! So, I did a bit of research on using it (I jump at the chance to research ANYTHING! LOL). The general feedback on "Liver Of Sulpher" Was that "it is best used outside, due to the overwhelming horrific, odor"! Personally, I refuse
to be literally run out of my home by a product! Then, I began thinking that I don't care WHAT you want to accomplish....there HAS to be an "earth/user-friendly" alternative!

"Google-Time"! And here's what I discovered!: "Liver Of Sulpher" works in antiquating metals because SULPHER is the chemical component that is responsible for the oxidation of the metal & oxidation is the antiqueing agent!

NOW: Sulpher (I'm sure you already are aware of THIS) smells kinda like the sewer backed-up! LOL! Funny, but TRUE! How do hard-boiled eggs smell? They smell NASTY! Why? SULPHER!!! Here is a link to a site explaining exactly how to do , that I am doing RIGHT NOW (see pic @ top of this post)! The bail picured has not been buffed yet! After oxidizing you may buff-off as little or as much as you would like of the darkness! OH! And it says "Plated metals" won't work?...Bulldoody! 99% of the components I use are plated! One in a blue moon, it dosen't work! But I've ONLY used the egg method & failed only once! SO, gop ahead & use plated metals, my only advice would be, never use less than 2 eggs for plated metals! Aprilee

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  1. Thanks for this info--since I love to do vintage designs it is a great help to me--thanks for sharing girl!


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