Monday, June 8, 2009

My Little Boy

Normally, I feature an artist on Mondays. It has been a busy weekend for all, So I will not be doing the promised feature until Friday, My apologies! I will instead, tell you about (the loves of my life) my two toy poodles! I had two poodles. Suzie was an apricot toy and Heidi was a white tiny-toy! They were polar opposites! Suzie was extremely obedient & loving, whereas Heidi had a mind of her own & listened to me only when she felt like it, or I insisted!

I Appreciated their individuality, which is why the only time I insisted that Heidi do as I said, was when it was very important! Those were my babies, my children! They've been gone quite some time now. It's easy for me to write about them, but anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I can never talk about them. It always results in my crying. I miss my babies so!

There is one bright spot! My Aunt & Uncle have a poodle named Dusty! Whenever they go away, they let me babysit Dusty! How I appreciate the chance to love-on & care for a poodle! I call Dusty "my little boy" and he is quite content when he is with me. My Aunt & Uncle know they needn't worry about him when he is with me! And Dusty loves to love on me! Yesterday Dusty arrived at my door! He is asleep in the bed right now! I will have him until Wednesday, so I am very happy now. He is a little sweetheart!

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