Monday, April 20, 2009

Jewelry Displays, Your Handy Helpers!!!!

I was just utilizing one of my jewelry display items for a use that I (most) commonly use it for, and thought I would share this useful tip! I have an easel-back necklace display that I commonly use when constructing necklaces & bracelets! I have a tendancy to add dangley-things to my designs! I have found that utilizing my easel display makes constructing these types of projects SO much easier! And, I spend much less time having to go back and make adjustments!

First, I make the body of the necklace (clasp and all) and place it on my display easel. I have found that by using the outermost notches on the easel, I get a "truer" drape to the necklace! Once I've draped the necklace, I begin adding my dangles. This really results in a perfect composition! Nothing turns-out to be added backwards and I can immediately tell if I might need to re-think my design! I might end-up adding more/different items than originally planned!

All-in-all, this is a "painless" way to embellish a necklace or bracelet design
without having done the whole thing, only to find either mistakes or that the design just dosen't seem to "work" at all! In my opinion it's a much better option to constantly taking a piece on & off to see if it's correct OR having to re-do things alltogether! ALSO, when utilizing a display item to add things, go right ahead and pull the "bit" your working with out & away from the display! It's like having an assistant model and hold your work for you!

Try this and I promise you will never do things the way you are presently doing them now! Who knows, maybe you will come-up with an additional use that I am unaware of! If you do, please let me know!

Anything that makes designing and constructing jewelry easier is a blessing!


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