Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be Safe, Be Informed!

I have recently began reading the alert posts on "Naked Security. Sophos is a very trusted site. You can find everything from the truth about current viral warnings posted on facebook, to malware warnings associated with popular downloads and how to fix them. I HIGHLY recommend signing up for their email alerts! One of the subjects of todays email alerts is the ability to tell (quite easily) if a twitter account (supposedly) of a celebrity REALLY is veified as actually being that person. Here is the link to that article:
Twitter Verification?
FACEBOOK PRIVACY UPDATE: Sophos also warns that, with Facebook's new graph searching capability, it is imperative to set your post privacy settings to "friends only". Callum Haywood created this site: To show people just how much of your personal posts become PUBLIC fodder if you do not change your post privacy settings. I've just went there and looked, word seems to be spreading quickly, resulting in many changing their post privacy settings, because the page was completely full of people bad mouthing their bosses, and openly listing their personal phone numbers for ALL to see! Here is the article on Facebook's Graph Search: The entire point of this blog post, is that I am encouraging everyone to be safe-be informed!
Here is the link to the article on the Facebook Graph Search

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