Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unbelieveable Talent! Featured Guest Artist RoByn Thompson

This featured artist's work is both amazing and breath taking! I must apologize for mistakenly stating that she is a tattoo artist.  While that too, is an artistic gift, this artist utilizes paint and the human body. She transforms the human body into truly amazing things, and I feel honored to welcome such a talented artist as a guest blogger! 
Please welcome RoByn Thompson!  You will want to see more of her amazing art!
Abandoned as an infant by a caravan of gypsies, RoByn Thompson grew up in the wilds of suburban New Jersey.  A curious child, she often spoke to plants and animals. Occasionally they spoke back.  She was branded an artist at an early age and took several decades to come to that realization herself.  Color has always been one of RoByn's favorite toys.

She delights in that which is saturated.  She positively purrs when complimentary colors come together and vibrate electrically.  Her art is a way to define herself, explore her world, and a tool in her quest for meaning.  RoByn is currently obsessed with crafting all sorts of crap for her spring nuptials.  On her 50th birthday, she will be marrying HER favorite artist.
When not being obsessed, RoByn body paints and photographs people.  Always artistic, she was drafted to face paint at an event.  She discovered that she loved it and wanted bigger "canvases".  She was fortunate to be able to study with some of the foremost painters in the world.  She even went on to teach, and even wrote a book on face painting.
RoByn loves the challange of working with all different types of people.  Her models are often her muses.  She draws inspiration for their body painting designs by questions she asks them about their passions, interests, experiences, and favorite things.

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