Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sale! And Pics From My Last Live Sale (In November)!

I recently (November) attended a live craft sale in one of the towns close to where I live. I really enjoy these events, mostly because I just enjoy meeting new people and chit-chatting! I have another such event coming-up this weekend in Port Deposit, Maryland! I took a few pictures and thought I would share them with you! Aprilee
I have decided to reduce the prices of some select items in each of my Etsy shops. All of my reduced/Sale items can be found in the "Destash Jewelry SALE" sections in my Etsy shops. I also decided to allow my handsewn floral headbands to remain on sale as well. Supplies are limited to those items, and there is no end date for this special event!

While I was at the November show, This Lady's lamps caught my eye! No photo could ever do these lamps justice! They are STUNNING, and I intend to purchase at least one! I had to rack my brain to figure-out where I could use them! You may contact me thru my email if you are interested in these lamps. they are of good size, and again, absolutely STUNNING! Here is my email:
And here is the pic of (just some) of her lamps! By the way, upon asking this lady if I may take a photo of her beautiful lamps, she expressed how greatly she appreciated my asking permission! When at shows which showcase the handmade items of others, please be polite & respect the artist by asking before you photograph any of their items! Please be courteous! Aprilee


  1. This is such a cool event. i've never been in one. I don't know where they do it in my city. Good job dear!

    ~Skye~ i couldn't get in my google acct., grr.

  2. Looks like you had a good time at your show! I hope it was successful for you. I have a carft market this weekend. I will be putting pics on my blog. The lamps are very pretty and I can totally see you having one in your house! I'm not quite that "girly". LOL!


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