Friday, July 3, 2009

Join Me At THE NEW ArtistryArts Selling Venue!

Well, just when I thought things couldn't get any better at the "ArtistryArts" selling venue, it has! Sharon "Owner, ArtistryArts" pulled the venue site offline, and came back in two days with a brand new, Beautiful selling venue! The new venue still has all of the options that sellers love, such as it's "Layaway" option

for buyers and sellers! We (the sellers) all knew of the coming changes, because Sharon let us sellers decide what direction the venue would be taking! How many selling venues not only involve you in their major decisions, but actuall let YOU decide??? Between the Layaway feature & seller-friendly site owner, selling there is a "no-briainer"!

There are also more things to love about selling on "ArtistryArts" venue! One flat monthly fee! That's right! A mere $5.00 per month gets you unlimited listings, FREE featured items status, NO selling fees when amn item sells,

a auction option! There are just WAY too many perks for sellers on this site, go see for yourself! While you're there, take a peek at my store! I am in the very early stages of setting-up, but will be adding items daily! See you there!


ArtistryArts Selling Venue:

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