Friday, May 29, 2009

Today is a very special day for me! I am an active "tweeter", and was fortunate

to have "met" fellow Jewelry artist "Tracy" of "LimeGreenModern" on ETSY!

She was kind enough to answer a few questions and share her wonderful creations! I have included her etsy mini below, I am sure you will agree with me, that her workmanship is infallable and her designs stunning! Seh was kind enough to answer a few questions! In keeping with her shop name, Tracy's responses are shown in green text! ENJOY!

*What do you attribute to your success? Promoting my shop is always a work in progress. I attribute my current sales to date by doing as much as I can to make my shop searchable, such as good Etsy tagging, Google Base, Twitter, etc. to keep my shop high up in the search engines. I also have a second shop on "1000 Markets: I am the manager of "The Rocky Mountain Market", a great group of artisans, all from the Rocky Mountains. This is an amazing new venue that I like, and I enjoy having two shops!

Do you have formal training, or are you "a natural"? I don't have any formal training, other than a couple classes for the PMC (precious metal clay) pendants that I do. I started making jewelry in college, and then just got busy with life, so hadn't done it for a long time. I decided to pick it back up and discovered ETSY, so I was hooked from there!

Have you made any video tutorials? As of now, I have not made any tutorials, but it's definitely something I might think about in the future! I have plans for my own website in the near future, so I would love to include a variety of topics

on it, a shop, tutorials, blog, etc. all in one spot!

I would encourage you to visit Tracy's shop, tweet here, and follow her blog!

You can find me on Twitter, as I am shamelessly addicted to that: I like to post random observations, daily happenings, and a dash of shop talk every once in awhile, and follow people who do the same. I also have a blog, which I am trying to get better at not ignoring, where I write whatever pops into my brain when I feel like I need to post.

I hope everyone enjoyed my interview with Tracy of "LimeGreenModern". Please take a moment to enjoy her handcrafted metal-works, you will not be dissappointed! I will be posting a new blog entry this coming monday. I hope you enjoy your weekend! Aprilee

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! :-) Really appreciate it!


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