Friday, May 22, 2009

The History Of "Swarovski"

I know that everyone is familiar with "Swarovski Crystals", but few probably know much about the history of the company itself. So, I thought I might present a brief, but substantial history of Swarovski!

Daniel Swarovski founded the company in 1895. His goal was to create a precision faceting machine for the cutting of Austrian Crystals. He was assisted in this process by Franz Weis and Armand Kossman. They built their own production plant and perfected the formula for flawless crystal-cutting from 1908-1913.
Aurora Borealis was to be their next innovation! Swarovski unveiled this new finishing technique in 1956. The AB finish is created by coating the crystals with an almost inperceptable layer of metal. That is what produces the rainbow sparkle effect of the AB finish!

1973: Paperweight & keyring commerating The Winter Olympics
1974: They began creating Crystal animal figurines "Silver Crystals" (still popular)
1977: Swarovski creates a new synthetic stone "Cubic Zirconia"
1999: Crystal tattoos that can be applied directly to the skin are introduced

Swarovski celebrated it's 100th anniversary by building a spectacular theme park named "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" (in Austria). It is a land of imagination and beauty, with it's landscaping, water-works, labrynith and spectacular lighting!

DID YOU KNOW? The Swarovski Company also produces optical products, abrasives, and grinding tools?

I hope you enjoyed my brief history of Swarovski! On Monday I will be blogging
about the PROPER way to clean your crystals! Aprilee

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